Wednesday, February 18, 2009


How do I forget those million times when you told me you need me but expressed no words,

How much you love me but not a single 'I love you',

How much you care for me but not one 'Take Care',

How do I not see the flowering love behind those sad eyes when I leave,

How should I not expect you to fulfill those promises you made every time you touched me,

How should I not believe in 'You are always there for me' when your eyes say this all the time,

How should I not cry when I know you can't smile,

How should I stop missing you when you make me miss you so much,

How should I not trust you when you rely on me so much,

How should I not fall for you when you have already fallen for me,

How should I not feel Sorry when I know you can be mine but I can never be yours.

I wish I knew......